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Francis Hoogewerf - Certified Public AccountantHoogewerf & Co practices as a “Reviseur d’Entreprises”, “Expert Comptable”, domiciliary agent, international tax and project advisor.

Luxembourg, being a crossroads between France, Germany and Belgium and having a very strong reputation in banking and investment funds, is an ideal location in Europe to centralise cross-border tax arrangements. As such Luxembourg is well known as a centre for Holding Companies.

Luxembourg’s “Soparfi” financial Holding companies benefits from Luxembourg’s impressive array of double tax treaties. The main advantage of a Luxembourg “Soparfi” is where subject to certain rules no tax on dividends received or on capital gains needs to be paid.

Offshore companies are still advantegeous for countries that can treat offshore companies favourably such as China. Hoogewerf & Co offers services in Chinese and Russian as well as all major European languages.

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Hoogewerf & Co have always been cross border tax specialists, working with colleagues, tax lawyers and accountants all around the world.

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